wadoku-notify on N900

他のwadoku.de掲示板ユーザのおかげでやっとN900版debパッケージがあります。 これで旅中も日本語のウェブサイトと漢字が読めます。

wadolu-notify N900版

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  1. Hello - This is great tool for Japanese learners on the N900. Is it possible to have a Japanese-English dictionary with this ( as against the existing wa-doku dictionary)? If yes, could you let me know how to do it pls with some steps.
    Thanks again

    you would need to convert a japanese-english dict into a indexed fts3 sqlite table which is not that easy, also you would need to use the same table as the german one with (tablenaeme: indexed_entries with japaneseins, and german ). as soon as i have time i will try to make a more generall table layout and a converter for somekind of edict format to create a english sqlite file. so there are no simple steps atm sry you would need some expertece with programming as fts3 is normally not activated in sqlite and needs to be activated at compile time.

    EDIT: actually im working on a EDICT database which should be aviable soon!

    — shin Thu, 3 Feb 2011

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